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Erectile Dysfunction Test At Home or Clinic

There can be many causes of ED, it can be because of physical, mental, and emotional. If you think that you have ED. Then you should get an erectile dysfunction test, it can be done self-tested or get tested by a doctor to know in detail.

The tests for sexual problems like Erectile Dysfunction include a blood test, urine test, and self-evaluation tests that can help you in analyzing and determining the state and extent of ED in your body. By taking the ED test yourself, you can enhance the chances of treating ED with better treatments and methods.

If you want to find out whether you are suffering from symptoms of erectile dysfunction then we have an interesting self-erectile dysfunction test at your home.

But before taking the test let’s understand what is Erectile dysfunction and why it is important to get it tested on time.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction refers to a health condition in which a man loses the ability to maintain or get erections after stimulation during sexual intercourse. And because of that reason, newly married couples or couples in relationships find it difficult to have pleasurable sex. Without a hard and proper erection, not a single person can attain successful intercourse. There can be many sexual problems in men but the major sexual problem is ED

Erectile dysfunction tests can be done by yourself at home and you can also go to any sexual clinic for the test and get proper knowledge about the issue you have. Below are some of the self-ed tests and some clinic tests.

How to do a Self-Erectile Dysfunction Test?

A self-erectile dysfunction test that any person can do all by himself at his house and following whether the cause of the issue is psychological or physical. The other name for this self-test is the nocturnal penile tumescence stamp test.

There are many types of self-erectile dysfunction tests that you can perform at home by yourself.

  1. Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Test
  2. Symptoms test for Erectile Dysfunction

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Testing or Erectile Dysfunction Test

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Testing is done while sleeping. A device contains 2 rings that are placed the around bases and distal penile shaft to measure the nocturnal erections. The test should be done for at least 2 nights. The mechanism is indicated by an erectile event of at least 60% rigidity recorded on the tip of the penis and it should last for 10 mins to more.

This test is done to confirm whether a person is able to maintain erections at night or not. It is possible for an ordinary person to get an erection at night during a normal sleep routine. There are several causes of ED emotional, mental, and physical and this test helps in determining the exact cause of the sexual problem. You can finalize the test result by the below-given graph of the difference between organic and psychogenic.

Penile Tumescence Test

Symptoms test for Erectile Dysfunction

Try this test to know if Are you having symptoms of erectile dysfunction. On your sexual behavior for the past 6 months, try to answer the question honestly and assign the points assigned to particular answers. After you finish answering all five main questions, total up all the points to check the result.

QuestionOption 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5Option 6
How confident you are that you can get and maintain an erection?Very LowLowModerateHighVery High
0 point1 point2 point3 point4 point5 point
How often you see hard erection hard enough for penetration.No sexual activityNeverFew TimesSometimesMost of the TimeAlways or almost always
0 point1 point2 point3 point4 point5 point
During sex, often you are able to maintain an erection after you had penetratedDid not had sexual intercourse yetNeverFew TimesSometimesMost of the TimeAlways or almost always
0 point1 point2 point3 point4 point5 point
How many times you face difficulty in maintaining an erection for completing sexual intercourse.Did not had sexual intercourse yetExtremely DifficultVery difficultDifficultLittle difficultNot Difficult
0 point1 point2 point3 point4 point5 point
Every time you perform sexual intercourse, how often is it pleasurable?Did not had sexual intercourse yetNeverFew TimesSometimesMost of the TimeAlways or almost always
0 point1 point2 point3 point4 point5 point

Given below you can determine the extent of your ED issues

  • 1-7 points: If you get points in between 1-7 then you are suffering from severe Erectile dysfunction problem and need to immediately contact at +91 9602081813
  • 8-11 points: If you get points between 8-11 then you are suffering from moderate Erectile dysfunction problems and taking homeopathy medicine, eating healthy, and doing regular exercise can be beneficial for you.
  • 12-16 points: If you get points between 12-16 then you are suffering from moderate to mild Erectile dysfunction problems. Just talk with your partners and try to resolve the matter.
  • 17-21 points: If you get points between 17-21 then you are suffering from mild Erectile dysfunction problems. There are many erectile dysfunction exercises that you can perform and feel happy that might help to solve your problem.

Other Erectile Dysfunction Test?

Other than the self erectile dysfunction test you can also go to a sexologist and any sexual clinic for another test just to get conform. Some of the tests you can get checked from any sexual clinic or hospital are

What Is The Ultrasound Test For Erectile Dysfunction?

Ultrasound tests for determining ED can not be done at home but only in professional clinics and hospitals. Under the surveillance of a professional doctor, the wandlike device known as a transducer is kept over the blood vessels. By seeing the video image of the blood supply to the penis, one can identify the level of ED.

Blood and Urine Erectile Dysfunction Test?

Another test to determine Erectile Dysfunction in a body is by taking a blood test and urine test. After evaluating your medical history and sexual health condition, the doctor recommends these tests to find the root cause of sexual dysfunction.

The disease that causes ED in a body is examined by blood and urine tests. And these diseases can be

  • Diabetes
  • Any type of Heart Disease
  • Kidney Related issues
  • Hormonal issues like low testosterone level and others.

By taking a blood test, one can easily determine the testosterone level which can help in evaluating ED and its causes as well. Because testosterone is the hormone produced in the male body. The main production of these hormones is done by the male reproductive part. Testosterone is the male hormone that has a direct link with sex drive for men and also plays a significant role in sperm production.

Testosterone LevelImpact on the body
<300 ng/dLIt becomes hard for a person to maintain an erection.
>900Excess of the hormone can create high sexual desires that are hard to please.

What Is The Injection Test?

An injection test another name is an intracavernosal test also. A doctor injects medicine into the base of the penis which gives you an erection. If it doesn’t get you any erection then you may are facing problems with the blood flow to your penis.

What is Mental Health Exam?

A mental health exam is to check your mental and emotional issues which can be related to ED. The doctor will ask you some questions about your mental health. These questions will show if you are having depression, anxiety, or other common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Proper Food Diet Cures Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Have a Proper Food Diet Show Negative Results on Erectile Dysfunction Test?

It is important to note that not any food can do an instant miracle for eliminating Erectile Dysfunction. But taking proper take of your body and having a good diet can help you to a great extent.

Erectile Dysfunction is seen because of not having a good blood flow in the body and especially in the male reproductive area. By having a nutritious and healthy erectile dysfunction food and diet, one can improve the blood flow for better functioning and curing ED at home.

What to eat to eliminate EDHow is it helpful?
Leafy Green and BeatsHelps in relaxing the effect of nitrates on the blood vessels
Dark ChocolatesLowers the blood pressure and cholesterol in the body.
PistachiosKeeps the blood vessels relaxed for better blood flow.
Oysters and ShellfishProduction of the male hormone
WatermelonsHelps in increasing the sexual desires
TomatoesFor better circulation and sexual desires.
CoffeeBetter arousal and desires.

What Are The Latest Treatments After the Erectile Dysfunction Test?

If home remedies or food diet does not improve the ED then the only option left is medical treatment. Doctors had discovered many effective methods and technologies for treating Erectile Dysfunction. Here is the most opted way that a doctor recommends for giving your Erectile Dysfunction treatment– the best shot.

Get The Best Treatments At The IASH

We at IASH, Jaipur know that treating Erectile Dysfunction is necessary for building a strong relationship and bringing back pleasurable sex time. And that’s why we try every possible way to treat your ED with the best treatments in the whole city. We take care of all sorts of sexual problems like ED, wet dreams, low libido, male infertility, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and all sorts of penis problems.

So if you are getting early signs of Erectile Dysfunction then there are chances that you might suffer from heart disease in the future. Before it gets late get yourself checked either by the doctor or check yourself from the above mention test. If there is any kind of such a problem then you should start the medication or the treatment to get it resolved as soon as possible. And this makes it vital for you and your partner to get the ideal treatment or medication from the best sexologist in Jaipur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Erectile Dysfunction a sign of heart disease?

Ans. Erectile Dysfunction generally occurs due to insufficient blood flow in the arteries and the male reproductive part. And ED is caused due to the same factor that in the future gives rise to various heart diseases. So it can be said that Erectile Dysfunction can be an early sign of heart disease that can be seen in the future.

Q2. What are Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

Ans. There are many symptoms of erectile dysfunction but the major reason is missing getting an erection if got an erection but not being able to maintain it for long, low sexual desire or feeling depressed or having performance anxiety.

Q3. What are Erectile Dysfunction Causes?

Ans. The primary cause of the problem is considered to be a psychological problem. Any person suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and fear may find it hard to enjoy intimate moments. In some cases, smoking, and drugs have also been considered common causes of erectile Dysfunction.

Q4. What external devices are available for erectile dysfunction?

Ans. The Vacuum Erection Device is one such external device that is FDA approved and is easy and safe to use. At IASH, we explain the step-by-step procedures for the safe and competent use of this device.

Q5. What is a penile prosthesis?

Ans. A penile prosthesis is a pair of malleable (bendable) rods that are surgically inserted into the penis. It allows erections to happen by a mechanism of compressing a special part by the device. Men disappointed with other treatments might be fit for penile prosthesis.

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