Erectile Dysfunction Test: A Step Towards Sexual Wellness

Erectile Dysfunction Test: A Step Towards Sexual Wellness

The tests for sexual problems like Erectile Dysfunction include a blood test, urine test, and self-evaluation tests that can help you in analyzing and determining the state and extent of ED in your body. By taking the ED test yourself, you can enhance the chances of treating ED with better treatments and methods.

If you want to find out whether you are suffering from symptoms of erectile dysfunction then we have an interesting test for you to be done at your home.

But before taking the test let’s understand what Erectile dysfunction is and why it is important to get it tested on time?

Erectile dysfunction is the type of sexual dysfunction that a man can experience anytime in their life. By taking the proper test and evaluation you can eliminate the ED signs and symptoms at an early age.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction refers to a health condition in which a man loses its ability to maintain or get erections after stimulation during sexual intercourse. And because of this reason, newly married couples find it difficult to get pleasurable sex as, without a hard and proper erection, not a single person can attain successful intercourse.

Read our blog on erectile dysfunction symptoms, causes, and treatment to have a better understanding of the most common sexual problem found in men.

How Age Is Related To Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Common at the age of 40

“25% of Men Who Seek ED Care Are Under the Age of 40.”

It is a myth to assume that erection dysfunction is inevitable while aging. The major reason why anyone suffers from erection problems is uneven or improper blood flow in the penis.

When a man is at the age of 40, he might face diabetes problems or bp problems, which may also affect the proper blood flow and can also lead to an erection problem.

Age of a person ∝ Extent of Erectile Dysfunction

Age of a person ∝ Extent of Erectile Dysfunction

Younger Men between the age group of 25-35year can also have Erectile Dysfunction problems. ED can be stimulated with specific health issues like diabetes, heart diseases. The cases can be equally sensitive for all age groups. Everyone needs to indulge in some exercises, recreational activities and Yoga especially for Erectile dysfunction to have mental peace and satisfaction in life.

You can consult the sexologist/ andrologist or specialist doctor for Erectile Dysfunction in the case of severity.

How to test Erectile Dysfunction yourself?

A self-test erection is a test that any person can do all by himself just by sitting at his house and following whether the cause of the issue is psychological or physical.

The other name for this self-test is the nocturnal penile tumescence stamp test.

Penile Tumescence TestPenile Tumescence Test

This test is done to confirm that a person is able to maintain erections at night or not. It is possible for an ordinary person to get an erection at night during a normal sleep routine. There are several causes of ED like emotional, mental, or physical and this test helps in determining the exact cause of the sexual problem.

Penile Tumescence Test

Blood Test and Urine Test for Erectile Dysfunction?

Another test to determine Erectile Dysfunction in a body is by taking a blood test and urine test. After evaluating your medical history and sexual health condition, the doctor recommends these tests to find the root cause of the sexual dysfunction like IASH, Jaipur.

The disease that causes ED in a body is examined by blood and urine tests. And these diseases can be

  • Diabetes
  • Any type of Heart Diseases
  • Kidney Related issues
  • Hormonal issues like low testosterone level and others.

By taking a blood test, one can easily determine the testosterone level which can help in evaluating ED and its causes as well.

Why Is The Testosterone Test So Important?

Why Is The Testosterone Test So Important?

Testosterone is the king!!!
Testosterone is the hormone produced in a male body. The main production of these hormones is done by the male reproductive part. Testosterone is the male hormone that has a direct link with a person’s sex drive and also plays a significant role in sperm production.

S.No Testosterone Level Impact on the body
1. <300 ng/dL It becomes hard for a person to maintain an erection.
2. >900 Excess of the hormone can create high sexual desires that are hard to please.

What Is The Ultrasound Test For Erectile Dysfunction?

Ultrasound tests for determining ED can not be done at home but only in a professional clinic and hospitals. Under the surveillance of a professional doctor, the wandlike device known as a transducer is kept over the blood vessels. By seeing the video image of the blood supply to the penis, one can identify the level of ED.

Symptoms test for Erectile Dysfunction

Try this test to know Are you having symptoms of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION?

How to have a home test for the Symptoms of ED?
On your sexual behavior for the past 6 months, try to answer the question honestly and assign the points assigned to particular answers. After you finish answering all five main questions, total up all the points to check the result.

Question Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 Option 6
How confident you are that you can get and maintain an erection? Very Low Low Moderate High Very High
0 point 1 point 2 point 3 point 4 point 5 point
How often you see hard erection hard enough for penetration. No sexual activity Never Few Times Sometimes Most of the Time Always or almost always
0 point 1 point 2 point 3 point 4 point 5 point
During sex, often you are able to maintain an erection after you had penetrated Did not had sexual intercourse yet Never Few Times Sometimes Most of the Time Always or almost always
0 point 1 point 2 point 3 point 4 point 5 point
How many times you face difficulty in maintaining an erection for completing sexual intercourse. Did not had sexual intercourse yet Extremely Difficult Very difficult Difficult Little difficult Not Difficult
0 point 1 point 2 point 3 point 4 point 5 point
Every time you perform sexual intercourse, how often is it pleasurable? Did not had sexual intercourse yet Never Few Times Sometimes Most of the Time Always or almost always
0 point 1 point 2 point 3 point 4 point 5 point

By giving yourself the given points and by comparing it with the details given below you can determine the extent of your ED issues

  • 1-7 points: If you get points in between 1-7 then you are suffering from severe Erectile dysfunction problem and need to immediately contact at +91 9602081813
  • 8-11 points: If you get points in between 8-11 then you are suffering from moderate Erectile dysfunction problem and taking homeopathy medicine, eating healthy, and doing regular exercise can be beneficial for you.
  • 12-16: If you get points in between 12-16 then you are suffering from moderate to mild Erectile dysfunction problems. Just talk with your partners and try to resolve the matter.
  • 17-21: If you get points in between 17-21 then you are suffering from mild Erectile dysfunction problems. Regular exercise and feeling happy might help to solve your problem.

Can Have a Proper Food Diet Show Negative Results on Erectile Dysfunction Test?Can Have a Proper Food Diet Show Negative Results on Erectile Dysfunction Test?

It is important to note that not any food can do an instant miracle for eliminating Erectile Dysfunction. But taking proper take of your body and having a good diet can help you to a great extent.

Erectile Dysfunction is seen because of not having a good blood flow in the body and especially in the male reproductive area. By having a nutritious and healthy food diet, one can improve the blood flow for better functioning and curing ED at home.

S.NO What to eat to eliminate ED How is it helpful?
1. Leafy Green and Beats Helps in relaxing the effect of nitrates on the blood vessels
2. Dark Chocolates Lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol in the body.
3. Pistachios Keeps the blood vessels relaxed for better blood flow.
4. Oysters and Shellfish Production of the male hormone
5. Watermelons Helps in increasing the sexual desires
6. Tomatoes For better circulation and sexual desires.
7. Coffee Better arousal and desires.

What Are The Latest Treatments After the Erectile Dysfunction Test?

If home remedies or food diet does not improve the ED then the only option left is the medical treatment. Doctors had discovered many effective methods and technologies for treating Erectile Dysfunction. Here is the most opted way that a doctor recommends for giving your Erectile Dysfunction treatment– the best shot.

  • Stem Cell TherapyStem Cell Therapy

    The therapy of Stem Cells involves an injection given of your stem cell into your penis during the procedure. This method is proven to be an effective and the safest way to treat ED.

  • Penile Transplant

    Penile rejuvenation has the highest success of getting rid of ED and there have been various successful transplants to date all over the world. Any day-by-day doctors are learning more and more to make these methods safer and more effective.

  • Shockwave Therapy

    Shockwave Therapy at your rescue!!!
    Penile Shockwave therapy is the most effective and painless treatment done for curing Erectile Dysfunction in a body.
    It involves passing the low-intensity sound-waves through the erectile tissues in a body. By doing this, the blood functioning is improved and new blood vessels are grown to improve the erection issues.

  • Counseling Therapies

    There are times when the cause behind the sexual problem is not because of any physical cause but the psychological issues between a person or a couple.
    Problems like martial issues and lack of communication can be the reason for having a low sex desire or unpleasurable sex. By giving proper counseling and couples therapies doctors try to build a new bond between a couple and help them recover their ED issues.

  • MedicationsMedications

    Medication can be a big help if the extent of the ED is not that considerable and a couple faces it occasionally.

Get The Best Treatments At The Institute Of Andrology And Sexual Health

We at IASH, Jaipur knowns that treating Erectile Dysfunction is necessary for building a strong relationship and bring back the pleasurable sex time. And that’s why we try every possible way to treat your ED with the best treatments in the whole city. We take care of all sort sexual problems like ED, wet dream, low libido, male infertility, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, all sort of penis problems,

IASH is the only male reproductive health and wellness center in Jaipur that uses the latest SHOCKWAVE THERAPY FOR TREATING ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION IN MALES.

Not only this but under the guidance of the best sexologist in India and a team of the best sexual health experts, we offer Special Relationship Counselling Sessions and Couple Therapies to treat all the psychological causes of ED.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Erectile Dysfunction a sign of heart disease?

Erectile Dysfunction generally occurs due to the insufficient blood flow in the arteries and the male reproductive part. And ED is caused due to the same factor that in the future gives rise to various heart diseases. So it can be said that Erectile Dysfunction can be an early sign of heart diseases that can be seen in the future.

What are Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

A man suffering from erectile Dysfunction will experience one or many of these significant symptoms:

  • He misses getting an erection
  • Even if he gets an erection, he is not able to maintain it for a long duration
  • There is very little sexual desire
  • The person is feeling depressed and having anxiety

What are Erectile Dysfunction Causes?

The primary cause of the problem is considered to be a psychological problem. Any person suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, fear may find it hard to enjoy intimate moments.
In some cases, smoking, drugs have also been considered a common cause of erectile Dysfunction.

  • Is erectile dysfunction a normal attribute of ageing?

    No, erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with ageing.

  • Is erectile dysfunction preventive?

    By keeping a healthy lifestyle and timely check on other health conditions you have, you can easily prevent erectile dysfunction.

  • Is erectile dysfunction hereditary?

    No, erectile dysfunction is not hereditary.


Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation(PFR) is a therapy to reinforce your pelvic floor muscles which play a significant role in sustaining an erection. The experienced pelvic floor therapist, with the help of specialized equipment, ensures stronger muscles especially ischiocavernosus and bulbospongiosus. These muscles lead to stronger erections and better ejaculations with the increase in Ejaculatory time.

What external devices are available for erectile dysfunction?

Vacuum Erection Device is one such external device that is FDA approved and is easy and safe to use. At IASH, we explain step by step procedure for the safe and competent use of this device.

In the process, tubular tubes or Vacuum devices are placed over the penis. As air is tapped out of the cylinder, and the pressure build-up helps to draw blood into the penis. This helps the penis to enlarge A rubber ring is then set around the bottom of the penis to maintain the erection.

What is a penile prosthesis?

A penile prosthesis is a pair of malleable (bendable) rods that are surgically inserted into the penis. It allows erections to happen by a mechanism of compressing on a special part by the device. Men disappointed with other treatments might be fit for penile prosthesis.

So if you are getting early signs of Erectile Dysfunction then there are chances that you might suffer from heart disease in the future. And this makes it more vital for you and your partner to get the ideal treatment or medication by the best sex doctor in Jaipur.

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